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The Southern Hospital

Queen Mary's nowadaysIn 1896, the Metropolitan Asylums Board [MAB] acquired a 136-acre site at Carshalton on which they intended to construct a 800-bed convalescent hospital, to be known as the Southern Hospital.

Buildings for this purpose were erected on the site in 1907-8. However, on 1st September 1908, the MAB was given the additional responsibility of dealing with "sick or convalescent or debilitated children". 


WW2: Mrs Hallam

Mrs Hallam was 15 at the outbreak of war and the school she was at was being evacuated and she decided to become a nurse she had decided that it had to be a childrens hospital she managed to join Queen Mary's hospital Carshalton in 1939.


Radio Lollipop

By PJ Swift From Pass It On! Issue #36 (Fall 2000)

When I was four years old, I was hospitalized for several weeks. The nature of my illness required that I be admitted to a specialized children’s hospital, miles from my home. My mom didn’t drive, so she had to take the bus and transfer twice, just to come and see me. Then there was her job and my older sister’s child-care needs. Suffice it to say, I didn’t see my family much while I was in the hospital. It was a very unsettling experience.


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