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WW2: Mrs Hallam

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Mrs Hallam was 15 at the outbreak of war and the school she was at was being evacuated and she decided to become a nurse she had decided that it had to be a childrens hospital she managed to join Queen Mary's hospital Carshalton in 1939.

The war was beginning and all children had to be put under their beds on matresses to sleep on the floor, the night the ward was bombed she was in charge as she was the only nurse to attend the ward. The bomb that hit the ward resulted in fire starting and debris falling so she had to get the children ,without any help, one by one out of the door, the front entrance was blocked by falling debris and huge timbers falling in the shape of a cross then it was noticed that she needed help and an ambulance was called. The sick children had to be taken to another hospital.

Being pitch dark with no lights allowed she was asked to see the ambulance off the premises by torch light by walking in front shining the torch on the curb. Having no ward after the bombing she was sent to help the operating theatre and her career continued. She is now 82. Her name in the role of nurse was Nurse Camm. This story was submitted to the BBC peoples war site by Lee Austen from The Abbey school and has been added to the website on behalf of Audrey Hallam with her permission and they fully understand the sites terms and conditions.

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